Feminism = the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.
I believe that feminism is dead, it does not exist anymore.

Who Are Some Feminist:

Hillary Clinton – multi Millionaire (was almost President of the US. Was secretary of state and a US representative.
Oprah Winfrey – Billionaire (owns her own TV network)
Madonna – multi-millionaire (singer and big mouth slut)

What does equal rights mean? Can they make as much money as men? YES! Can they join the military and be in combat arms? YES! Can they vote, own property, have free speech? YES, TO ALL! So, what rights do they want?

Also, I’ve heard several feminists use the point of, “our insurances won’t pay for birth control”. How is that wrong? They don’t pay for men’s condoms either. Oh, “they pay for Erectile dysfunction”. True but that isn’t birth control, and if the government paid for women’s sexual function disorders we’d be bankrupt. JK Giving someone a long maternity leave would destroy a lot of small businesses. Most companies to give maternity leave, it’s called a vacation.

It’s been proven that the there is no equal pay between sexes is a myth, but still used by you feminist. If anything, women use their gender for advancement. I’ve heard women say, if they don’t promote me I’m suing them for discrimination. I’ve heard employers say, we best hire the woman, with less qualification, so we don’t get into any type of trouble. So, they were hired because of gender and NOT qualifications.

What is total bizzaro is that Feminist seem to be for all the Muslim immigration? I wonder if any of them have an idea of what Sharia Law means. That would push the feminist movement back a few hundred years.

So, Feminist jump on another ship and fight child hunger or something and leave something along that isn’t real anymore.