Made USA

Made USAMade USA, that used to mean something to us who live in the USA! It meant supporting USA jobs and companies before buying it from Japan or China. Walmart once had that as their slogan, and President Trump used that in the campaign, America First, Buy American Made Products, etc.  My grandfather always told me to make sure the automobile that I drove was American Made! Unfortantantly that died with him and Sam Walton.

I live in Florida and see people buying Oranges from out of state. I think WTF are they doing? Why? We produce some of the best bottle water in the world at Zephyrhills, but people still buy water from Mexico.

I still buy America made products whenever it’s possible. Most of the country buys whatever is the cheapest. They then cry that all the factory jobs have moved elsewhere. Dollars talk if we would all use the “Buy USA Made” you’d see those jobs come back to America. Trump is correct, America First is our Motto!

Bring it back… the job you save may be your own!