Bigfoot, Sasquatch, yeti, large monster, Abominable Snowman, Florida swamp ape, yowie, American ape,  cave yeller, are just some of the names “Its Been Called”.

Bigfoot has been around for 100’s if not 1000’s of years. It has been spotted on almost every continent of the earth with 1000’s of sightings. 

Stories of a “wild man” existed among the Native American Indians of the Pacific Northwest before European colonists moved in. Versions of Sasquatch ranged from harmless giants who stole fish from fishermen to cannibalistic monsters living on mountains. These stories varied from tribe to tribe, and even from family to family, which meant that Bigfoot had a lot of different names.

My Family and I

OK, my family and I are out to hunt for mythical Bigfoot. Does he exist? Probably not but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun family time out looking for the elusive creature!I think he actually looks a little like me…

He has many names that he is called: sasquatch, yeti, large monster, Abominable Snowman, Florida swamp ape, yowie, American ape,  cave yeller. I’ll add a list of some of it’s most common names.

A lot of you say that about the moon landing, but one day when we land there you’ll change your minds.

Some other Names Bigfoot is known by

Bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, muckety-muck, high-muck-a-muck, large monster, humanoid, Abominable Snowman, mink, Florida swamp ape, yowie, American ape, apeman, boggy boon, the booger, booger man, boogy monster, cave yeller, chi-chi, crying beast, devil monkey, Giganto, Gigantopithecines blacki, Gin-sung, Grass man, Hairy Giants, Hairy Ones, Hairy Man, Hairy Woman, Hairy People, hoohoo, the Hairy Stinka Boo, The Jungle Man, jinka, king kong, Man-Monkey, Living Neanderthal, Old Hairy Bill, Old Ones Who Cry, Pecos Bill, Red Eyes, Skunk Ape, Skunk Demon, Skunky Bill, Stinkaboo, Stink Man, Weendego, Wildman, Wooly Booger, Windego, Yuuri, Yahoo, Yeahoh, yellers, gravedigger, smelly, stinkfoot,  and many others… too many to list here.