2016 Peppers

My 2016 peppers are:IMG_9714

  1. Bleeding Borg 9
  2. Gator Jigsaw
  3. BubbleGum x Moruga
  4. BOC (Orange Bhut Coppenhagen)
  5. Aji Pineapple

Wait for the photos this year!


Aji Lemon Pepper Sauce


Here is some Aji Lemon (Aji Limon) pepper sauce I’m making. It’s the Aji Lemon, carrots, fresh garlic, onions, little salt, little sugar, and some lemon peal (shaved of with potato peeler). Every loves the sauce. It has the lemony flavor with a good amount of heat to it. My personal favorite.

Orange BOC Copenhagen


These are an Bhut Orange Copenhagen (BOC) and yes they are very HOT… SuperHot actually. They are a newer pepper and gorgeous. They still have the heat of a Bhut Jolokia aka, Ghost Pepper. They make great sauce or even a better powder, dried and ground up to a powder.