Removing Civil War Monuments

Just as I’ve stated many times before, the statues they are removing are not racist, they are history. There were so much death and bloodshed during that time period that after the war our ancestors wanted to show respect to the soldier by honoring them. Now we are taking them down and moving them because a small percentage of the people don’t like them. I’ll try NOT to spend any of my money in the cities.

It won’t hurt anyone but It’s my personal way of saying, “FUCK YOU” for giving into liberal crybabies. They lost the election and won’t let that go.

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma had us terrified with the possibility of a category 5 hurricane. With that size of a hurricane it would have left homes destroyed, roofs were gone, no power or water, and us feeling as if we are in a 3rd world country. 

Very, fortunately, all we got was some rain and a little wind. At the last moment, Irma pulled just enough to the right it missed us… I think all the praying I did helped out. 

I don’t want to get complacent because there is going to be more hurricanes.

Without Formal Religion

I was born Without Formal Religion and without formal religion, I will likely die.  This does not mean I am without god, Jesus, or any other representative of our creator.  It means I feel more comfortable beneath his stars than in the structures we have created in his name.  What better place to meet with the creator than within the cathedral that he created?
Without Formal Religion

Where Do We Get This History

Written history is only 5000 years old. A lack of written records results in most of the knowledge of our pre-historic religion being derived from archaeological records and other indirect sources, drawings, and from suppositions. Much pre-historic religion is subject to continued debate.

I found this from

Unequivocal support for medication-assisted treatment from HHS Secretary Price (from

A community of over 600 practitioners and researchers have signed a letter to ask Secretary Price to unequivocally support medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder.

Dr. Price made concerning statements about medication-assisted treatments for opioid use disorder during a visit to West Virginia. Dr. Price stated that these treatments are “just substituting one opioid for another.” These views reflect a critical misunderstanding of the value of these treatments and damage a public health response to the opioid epidemic.

Signatories include some of the most widely recognized experts in the field of addiction medicine, including deans of schools of public health, editors of major journals, authors of landmark studies, and leaders from the world of practice and advocacy.

We stand together to express our commitment to science-based approaches to treatment of opioid use disorder and to secure a commitment from the Trump Administration to advance the policies that we know will help to stem the tide of this devastating epidemic.

We ask Dr. Price and the Trump Administration to unequivocally support medication-assisted treatment, and to embrace public health strategies that we know can reduce opioid overdose deaths.

I bet they all do want some government money to test and treat the drug addicts. None of that fattens their pockets does it. Are the 600 practitioners willing to do this out of the kindness of their hearts? (Hell NO they’re NOT) 

Let’s get a bunch of liberals together who want to feed off the government’s money and get rich off it. Sure they are going to be all for it. Why can’t they fund their own studies and come to a solution? 

Liberal shitheads!


Feminism = the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.
I believe that feminism is dead, it does not exist anymore.

Who Are Some Feminist:

Hillary Clinton – multi Millionaire (was almost President of the US. Was secretary of state and a US representative.
Oprah Winfrey – Billionaire (owns her own TV network)
Madonna – multi-millionaire (singer and big mouth slut)

What does equal rights mean? Can they make as much money as men? YES! Can they join the military and be in combat arms? YES! Can they vote, own property, have free speech? YES, TO ALL! So, what rights do they want?

Also, I’ve heard several feminists use the point of, “our insurances won’t pay for birth control”. How is that wrong? They don’t pay for men’s condoms either. Oh, “they pay for Erectile dysfunction”. True but that isn’t birth control, and if the government paid for women’s sexual function disorders we’d be bankrupt. JK Giving someone a long maternity leave would destroy a lot of small businesses. Most companies to give maternity leave, it’s called a vacation.

It’s been proven that the there is no equal pay between sexes is a myth, but still used by you feminist. If anything, women use their gender for advancement. I’ve heard women say, if they don’t promote me I’m suing them for discrimination. I’ve heard employers say, we best hire the woman, with less qualification, so we don’t get into any type of trouble. So, they were hired because of gender and NOT qualifications.

What is total bizzaro is that Feminist seem to be for all the Muslim immigration? I wonder if any of them have an idea of what Sharia Law means. That would push the feminist movement back a few hundred years.

So, Feminist jump on another ship and fight child hunger or something and leave something along that isn’t real anymore.

Here are a few things that I try to live by every day!

  1. Pick up all the trash in an area in your hometown; be its guardian. Tell others about it.
  2. Be friendly to everyone at all times; experiment outrageously.
  3. Buy local when possible, if not by “Made in USA”.
  4. Always speak up for justice, no matter how much it costs.
  5. Go once a week on a “house call” to a nursing home to cheer people up as a friend.
  6. Go for a walk, angels speak to you when you walk.
  7. Consider being silly in public. Sing out loud. Wear funny stuff.
  8. Find ways to need a whole lot less money; share beyond belief.
  9. Have potlucks frequently, with neighbors, co-workers, and strangers. Work toward living in extended families.
  10. Take your vacations in your own hometown and spend the money working on projects there that help build community.
  11. Protect those smaller and weaker than yourself
  12. When you see someone who needs help…HELP
  13. Stop caring about what others think of you