How to Report a UFO Sighting

Depending on your beliefs, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) might be Aliens touring Earth, secret government airplanes, or, something that is unidentified. Regardless of your beliefs, here is a summary on how to document and report a UFO sighting of a craft that you cannot identify.

  1. Remain calm. The second you begin to realize that you might be witnessing a UFO, your heart might start racing. Take a deep breath and keep your eyes on the mysterious object.
  2. Look at your watch. It’s important that you make note of the exact time that you’ve witnessed this event so that it can be checked to see if anyone viewed a similar phenomenon at the same time.
  3. Observe as many details as you can. Of value to the agencies involved are these observations:
    • what the object did that you could see
    • how many of them were there
    • what shape and color they were
    • if there were lights on the object and what color
    • if the object left a trail
    • if there was an aura or haze around the object
    • if the object emitted other objects
    • if the object emitted beams
    • if the object changed color
    • if the object landed
    • if the object made a sound
    • if there were aircraft in the vicinity, or aircraft chasing the object
    • if there were electrical or magnetic effects, such as a car engine stopping
  4. Note the time when the sighting concluded (i.e. you stopped seeing any unusual, inexplicable phenomena). It’s very easy to lose track of time when you are confronted with an unfamiliar situation, so be sure to check a watch or clock as soon as you can after the incident and estimate how long the sighting lasted.
  5. Immediately write down what you witnessed, including the details noted above. Be sure to include the time, location, weather information, approximate size, and information about other witnesses if appropriate. Try to draw a rough visual representation of what you saw while it is fresh in your mind.
  6. Report the sighting to the appropriate agencies. A UFO witness can report a sighting to the following organizations:
    • Local law enforcement agencies.
    • National UFO Reporting Center
    • Mutual UFO Network
    • Center for UFO Studies 

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