Capturing History 1 Click at a Time

  • I’m doing a project called “100 strangers”. It’s to get me used to approaching strangers and asking to take their photo.
  • I’m also interviewing people who have extraordinary stories to tell, such as “Abduction, UFO Sightings, Aliens, Bigfoot, Moth-Man, and Other Unusual things. – I’m very excited about this and if you have a story please contact me.
  • I try to enter a photo every week into the “Thursday Challenge” group
  • I’m attempting to take weekly photos of “Strange Things”.
  • My Animals
    • Hattie – German Shepherd
    • Mr. Flowers – Yorkie
    • Rosco – Miniature Pig
  • Kids
  • My house, yard, Harley, and truck
  • Oh, and peppers… LOL

If anyone else has ideas with photos or videos let me know.

Picture 41