UFO / Aliens

bigrich52_2I’m going to be photographing, Videoing, or recording the story of people who have had some type of unique experience(s). It can be with UFO’s, Aliens, Bigfoot, Moth Man, or any other thing. I’m not passing judgement on anyone I’m just recording what they saw. Who are we to say they imagined it or made it up, most are very honest people and with as many stories as there are some have to be true.

So Please if you have any contact me. Email Me and I’ll get back to you A.S.A.P.

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A lot of people have had extraterrestrial experiences.  The fact that many don’t believe them or they thing they imagined it or is making it up, again doesn’t really matter. The people who experienced it know or think it was real. For all I really know we are living in the Matrix and none of life is real. I love to hear the experience they’ve had.
paul_fuck_youFor those of you who think we/they are crazy or making it up.