Video Ideas

This is a strange topic because there are 10,000’s of ideas.

  1. Make a story of your life
  2. Do a 30 Vlog
  3. Interview seniors at a nursing home
  4. Food Reviews
  5. Beer Reviews
  6. Women – get women in your videos and the view counts will skyrocket
  7. Take a tour of your city
  8. Tell everyone what you do for a living
  9. Do a video on dog training classes
  10. meet with strangers
  11. Interview your family
  12. Collaborate with other youtubers in your area
  13. Find that crazy relative and do a story on them
  14. Restaurant Reviews
  15. Video Political Rally’s

I’m trying to get a Vlog Tag going. That where 7 people take 1 night each and do a video for a channel. We follow others topics or randomly start new ones to see each others points of view. ¬†Anyone with interest let me know!